Digital Marketing

Engage with your Target Audience

Analytics and Assessment

Get to know your target groups and their interest in your business and services.

Understand your Clients 

First step: analytics

Analysing how visitors browse your website and posts gives you insight about how customers see your products and services. This forms the foundation of all the measures you can take for increasing your website ranking and Search Engine Optimisation.

Register your website with free services like Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics or host powerful analytics software such as Piwik on your own servers. We help you with the setup and website integration.

Content & Keywords

Do your keywords or page structure match the interest of your website visitors? Do you guide users through your content or do they just click through? Let us find out by tracking user behaviour and redefine the content structure.

Search Engines & Backlinks

Where did your visitors come from? Did they search for you on Google, did they search for your products? Did they follow a link from another site? What did users watch out for when they hit your website?

Conversions & User Data

Set goals in the browsing flow of your visitors and track the success rate. Check why visitors leave, track your shopping cart and redesign the site's layout according to your visitors' behaviour.

Strategy & Data Management

Refine your content strategy, reshape your data and optimise search results.

Each business is different.

Create a hand crafted strategy.


Not only which data you present to search engines is important but also the content of your website. Check for current trends, related content and adapt your content to what your clients actually search for.

Structured Data provides a language understood by all the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex. We are your interpreters for making your content more relevant and categorisable.

Mobile First

Users buy products from within their comfort zone. Google ranks your page higher when you provide visitors with a responsive layout. That's why you want to talk to your target group where they browse your content - on a mobile device.

So are your clients.

Reach out to your market with us.


Getting in touch with your customers can be done through various channels. You can generate target group optimised social media pages, generate newsletters for followers or address them with campaigns.


The more comfortable your users perceive your services, the more they will buy. So you want to provide your users with the most convenient experience possible. Refine the information flow and generate accessibility.


Do not let sharing happen, encourage your visitors to share what puts your services in the best light. Determine which images are shown, where to share the content and help users tell others about your products.

Implement & Engage

Kick off your campaigns and create a communication channel with your target group on social media.

Tailored features and options

Once you have made the decision about which strategy to pursue, it is time to put together all the insights and create the necessary communication channels. No matter if general communication structure or meeting seasonal adjustment, we provide you with the right toolset.

Structured Data

Learn how to enrich your website with code snippets for displaying your company, services and products the way you like. Place relevant info directly in the search results.


Social Content

Social interaction can generate huge impact on your website traffic. Learn how social media can be used not only for engaging with your audience but to raise your page rank.



Improve your website ranking by optimising content and keywords. Learn how to align keywords with your pages, make use of meta data and how to perfect your site structure.


Integrate Marketing instruments with your own tools!


Create social media applications, let users log in to your site with their social accounts, build a helpdesk with Hangouts or hold a live event on YouTube, you have endless options to engage.

CMS and Web

Align published content with your social media pages, hook your company's blog to social platforms and improve the presentation of products in your shop with structured data.

CRM Tools

Launch campaigns, track newsletter opening rate and integrate your leads and sales instruments with analytics tools. Help your clients to get on track with your newest products and offers.

ERP Systems

Your partner network and client database are valuable assets. Integrate your workflow with web tools, orchestrate product management and sales or simplify your customer acquisition.