Office Package

One simple system for managing your business.

All your needs in one environment 

Your own Intranet Platform with Infrastructure, Communication and Collaboration Suite out of the box. Run your own Company Cloud and access your office from everywhere. Replace expensive legacy systems with modern state of the art technology and free yourself from recurring licence costs.


Every company willing to raise efficiency needs a server setup. Local networks, clients, security systems and devices require a solid operating system

We got the tools


Getting documents organised is crucial for business procedures. Our file server grants your team access to the office from everywhere and every device.

Collaboration easy as pie.



Add users easily, replicate your organisation and teams structure, grant permissions, set quotas and mail addresses in one simple interface.

Managing users made simple!


You need to implement specific tools for managing your company? You use CRM software or run an inhouse solution? Your calls go out via VoIP systems?

We got you covered!


Email, Groupware, Instant Messaging and discussion groups. Manage your communication infrastructure with our package easily.


Project Management, File and Document Sharing, Events and Appointments. Create your own Office Cloud with our Collaboration Tools.


Build up your knowledge base and make it available to all your team members. Keep the know how in your company. 

Workflow Integration

Data and files are generated throughout your company. They are stored in documents, mails or software systems. While all the data is available, digging it up often is cumbersome and requires repetitive tasks, reducing efficiency of your team's workflow. Do not waste productivity but instead empower your team to create an integrated workflow with our software bundle.

The Power of Open Source

The software implemented is rated among the top Open Source projects. With Ubuntu as the underlying operating system, your server is powered by the biggest player in the Cloud. The intranet platform consists of enterprise components used by millions across the globe. ownCloud or Redmine, running on PostgreSQL - the world's number one Open Source Database.


Manage your whole infrastructure

A turnkey solution adaptable to your specific needs

One entry point for all services

Manage your infrastructure in one single interface. Basic configuration and advanced options are just one click away.


Convenience for everyone

Services are usually complex to deploy and to operate. With the powerful dashboard you can easily manage your environment independently and in a comfortable way.

Components are connected with each other to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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No need for calling in a System Administrator for common tasks

What are the benefits?

Reduce processing time of tasks and manage information and data more efficiently. Replace proprietary and closed systems for building your company's infrastructure.

Our solution grants high performance combined with scalability for matching your business growth. A secure, stable and reliable environment without high implementation costs enables you to maintain all necessary tasks.

Integration everywhere

Your team members can access their data with every device from every location. Our singla data approach helps users with keeping their data synced, reducing overhead and increasing productivity.

Scalable & Expandable

When your company grows, the system grows with you. Our technology stack is designed to scale vertically and horizontally. If you need to implement additional software, just plug it in.

Save costs & raise profitability

Legacy systems come with licence costs for the system, applications and even users. Save your money and turn these costs into a well configured system helping you generating higher profits.

Secure & Stable

Your system and network are protected by regular upgrades. An easy to configure firewall and built in anti-virus software actively scan for threats, check your mail and inspect network traffic.

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